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October 05, 2011


Sherri B.

How exciting, have a wonderful trip!

Charlene @ Sweetchic

Oooh, please be sure to post about your trip!! I'm headed to Rome & Florence in a month and can't wait!

Lisa Genest

Hi, I tripped to Italy two years ago, sigh. There are a lot of touristy restaurants around with rather bland food. So make sure you ask locals for suggested, off-the-beaten-path, "local" restaurants. In Florence one of our favorite places was (quattro leoni - four lions). You'll likely need a reservation. If you can, at the Duomo, take the tour that takes you All over, especially up into the dome, and you get to go outside on top of the dome for a great view of the city. Also, assuming you're going to the Uffizi and the Accedemia (Statue of David), make reservations. The extra money is worth it so you don't have to stand in line and waste precious time! Also, find out when and where the local markets are. Awesome for fresh food. Lastly, have gelato every day! My sis and I had a rule that we couldn't have the same flavor twice. So good. Didn't go to Rome. (next time) but spent time in Tuscany, Sienna, Cinque Terre,... Enjoy! Ciao Bella. (they actually say that there. Awesome.


Do yourself a favor and get a whole truckload of hazelnut gelato... it is THE flavor!!!

I love icecreme. I wrote a post about a very beatiful icecreme shop in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The ice is amazing, really.

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Ahhhhh! You made me crave for that! Deliciously good, I wanna have a scoop:)! Oh, I wish you a fascinating trip, I bet you're going to enjoy your trip to the extent, Italy is totally ideal, very nice!

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Have a wonderful trip! I love icecreme. You made me crave for that! Enjoy! Ciao Bella.


I am headed for my first Italy trip too this weekend to Milan/Florence. I am soooo excited for gelato! Did you find a good place?


Wow- hope you had a lovely time.... I love Europe so much......
Can't wait to see more pictures...



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Wow this is nice. Well it's winter time but I don't mind. I can eat icecream all year round even I'm in Thailand.

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Yeha, I like that. I love any type of icecream. I still fill lika a kid. That's my favorite.

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Well it's january. Why not to try some acecream. I love it.

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