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April 05, 2011


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Missed you in March.....glad you're back.
xo Jewel


Iam Very much impressed with ur Posts ,Your Ellery chair is a beautiful one in this world.,,U are such a Inspiration for decor...Iam really enjoying with ur wonderful chair.. Heart loving one to live a Happy life...


I remember having drunken naps in winged chairs, must say it was delightfully comfy

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my grandad had a similar chair, i remember falling asleep in it once. My god was it comfy, maybe i should invest in one myself ;)

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ooohhh i love west elm. lovely chair.


Such a gorgeous chair. It looks very inviting. I just found your blog. It is a lovely place to visit.

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This chair is amazing! Love its color and design.

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Looks so cozy and a perfect chair for reading or stay and talk to your friend with a cup of tea.

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Wow! Great Idea! I want to have one good chair for taking a nap!


Good idea! I like this.

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(if double posted please delete this entry)
This Ellery chair is just awesome and I bet very comfortable for reading or needle works. Wished I could see the small accent table better. from what I can see it is something I'm looking for my home.


I'd like this whole nook set up to be in my house. Looks super cozy.

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Laura Trevey

LOVE this chair and the soothing color....


I also fell in love with that chair, but then I waited to long to snag it. I think our Philly store is out of them. I had wanted a pair for our living room. They were a really nice scale, not so huge like the furniture from other stores is.


very beautiful !!!

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I'd love to have it placed in my office room. A pair of it will look awesome for guest to have tea long with discussion.


The room looks really cosy, the type of room I would love to write in on a dull rainy day. Great post.

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Beautiful chair with classic shape. I never see such wonderful chair. I like it with white color.


I love the table, is it made out of a tree trunk?

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Yes, this is awesome. Good point.

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