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August 08, 2010


second storie

Oh, my. So much time and care has been taken to create such a beautiful display. Will have to remember this for next year!


how funny - I had found your blog yesterday and couldn't for the life of me figure out "who" you were... and then, thanks to heather and her post about ink and peat - i now know! i wish i could have met you at the sale as i have heard about your shop from all of those fabulous friends in the portland area - maybe it is time you opened another shop in seattle... just a thought... :)


I am going to have to go next time! Don't live to far away..:)Such prettiness in every place.


It is on my to do before I die list - get to a Barn House sale which is a bit of a trip from England ! It's one of my guilty pleasures to look through the Barn House blog when my shop is quiet , such inspiration.

Ms Pink

this looks like so much fun


Wow...what a fabulous time! Wish I lived closer:) :)

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Look at those pieces really classic

Ann Quinn

love your blog so so much


that was such a nice post...
Beautiful... hopefully you found some treasures

Scentsy Candles

This is beautiful! I would love to experience a day browsing here. I really loved the lace trimmed umbrella!


Wonderful pieces, a shame I live so far away...


Hi Pam! By the end of the day we were calling the coconut cake "CRACK CAKE" because of it's addictive qualities :0)

It was great seeing you and the settee looks so good in the shop!


Fabulous post! very appealing images!

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its good for those old and comfy looking stuffs love

├želik raf

Grear work lucky

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