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June 22, 2010



I wanna get all Those Stuffs For my kitchen....


Beautiful so delicate and soft. Collectibles!



I visited your lovely shop this weekend for the first time, as I was down from Seattle for the day. I left with one of the paint-by-number paintings of a lighthouse scene. I love it so! Your shop is fabulous. I talked about it in a blog post today. Thanks!


I love the soft colors and simple designs, yet they each look very personal and almost too good to eat off of (the grass blades on the dinner plate and the salad plate), to drink from (the "t" cups with "t is for..." inscriptions), or to rest a messy pasta sauce spoon on (the spoonrest... or is that a gravy bowl?). Thank you for sharing, I will be visiting gleena's website soon!

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the soft colors make the designs more inviting and lovely to look at.


These dishes are so beautiful. I love the nature scenes. They would make a wonderful addition to our table. Thank you for sharing.


Calming, earthy designs. I feel like having a salad from freshly picked veggies on these plates :).


Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

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