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June 21, 2010



Lunch at Cafe Fanny in Berkeley is always good! If you have time for weekend brunch, check out Camino in Oakland, or Bar Jules in SF. Both have amazing dinners as well.

Color Collective

sounds lovely! have fun!!


after you eat at cafe fanny in berkeley, head over to tail of the yak...

{it's not new, so maybe you already know about it...} my absolute favorite store in the world is tail of the yak. it's on ashby at college ave. you have to ring the bell to get in, but once you enter, it's a wonderland of ecclectic & beautiful baubles, antiques and curiosities...

there are lots of other stores that are sweet in the area, too.


la farine bakery on the oakland/berkely border, boogaloos for their vegan biscuits and gravy [really good and i'm not vegan], of course tartine bakery for their banana tarts, and foreign cinema [sit outdoors if you can] for brunch...oh and pizzeria delfina off fillmore!! and bar tartine for breakfast/lunch...:D

Alain Picard

I'm sure you will enjoy to be in the Pier 39 area with your family, you got the Aquarium of the bay, sea lions, several small store, alcatraz and more. Baker Beach (were I took this picture is also a must)

For the food:
- Boudin Bakery
- Get some gnocchis at Delfina
- Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Company

Also, if you have the chance take the Golden Gate for a nice ride on the 1 till Bodega Beach.

Have fun !


i haven't made it out on judah for the general store yet, but i've heard good things.

the perish trust is awesome, and still relatively new.

for the east bay there's pimlico place on piedmont ave in oakland which is always a fun one to visit. i think you mentioned scout and bella vita on college ave is also really wonderful- a few blocks down from atomic garden and maison d'etre.


i second camino and la farine. DEFINITELY try Bakesale Betty in Oakland. best fried chicken sandwich EVER.


Also The Gardener on 4th st. in Berkeley, Nest on Filmore in SF and the Oakland Museum.


dont forget castle in the air on 4th street. my very favorite shop of all time. papers, pens, scrap, cards in an amazing whimsical world of color.


If you want some great pizza, Zachary's in Berkeley is the MOST amazing Chicago style pizza you'll EVER eat. Thin, flaky crust layers between delicious sauce & cheese. I went to Cal and now that I'm back in L.A. I sometimes have a serious urge to drive up north for that pizza. :) Also, Chez Panisse in Berkeley is brilliantly tasty (their Cafe is great for lunch, too)!


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