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June 20, 2010



So many lovely flowers :0

Uncle Beefy

Pam... you forgot to mention how much rent she charges to those who wish to live inside her shop? Or does the rent out the shop for evening stays for charming American tourists? ;)

You, m'dear, might think of doing the same! :)
Hope all is well with you. Been too long.


Absolutely my favorite florist that side of the pond!

So glad to see her featured. Beautiful woman, beautiful work.

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I love the delicate colors and joyful feel of those flowers. I love it so much.

Miss Pickering

Thank you for the comments, enough to make a girl blush.

Uncle Beefy, guests are most welcome to languish amongst the blooms. Payment is accepted in either gin or cake.


Oh wow!! What a lovely flowers!! Hmm I will buy some of this to my Girlfriend! =D LOL

lbc flower delivery

Oh' what a cool flower shop was that. Wish I can also have that kind of flower shop someday. Anyway, I've been looking for interesting topic as this. looking forward for your next post.





Nice photos and flowers. Thanks for sharing.

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