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May 24, 2010


Anna Mara

Oh my gosh, no! I can't believe it, that IS so sad. I wish I could go in one last time!

helen rawlinson

Ah, I loved that shop when I was in New York on holiday...I made a special effort to get there and dragged my reluctant partner with me. I remember there was an exhibition of hundreds of sock monkeys in the window. A very special shop, what a shame!


Oh sad. Their flowers look absolutely amazing :(

Katalin Eisenberg

I was just up in New York for Mother's Day, they were closing down, 40% off everything.
It was a must visit for me, when I was in New York City, loved their flower department.
I was growing up in a flower shop in Budapest,
reminded me of my childhood. My Grandma's arrangements.

Nursing top

Wow very huge building!! I love it!!
Hmm nice plant and flowers!! I liked it all!!


How sad. They are one of my inspirations as well with their wabi sabi floral design style.

bespoke signage

What a shame! The flowers looked beautiful


oh, i'm so glad i did get to visit this amazing store. their visual displays and the entire atmosphere was sublime.

sad to hear this.


This is a devastating news! I can't believe I won't be able to go to this mazing store anymore!

duties certified nursing assistant

they were thrifted, from a local value village, on separate occasions... id love to find more too!

chemistry nursing

wow very cute. where can i buy one. i would love to have the red one for my baby.

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