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January 26, 2010


La maison fou

Have fun. I love to go there, enjoy the energy and the sights & sounds...... there really is nothing quite like it.

Like your blog,have a good time in Newyork'

Rachel Beider

We would love to see you at our studio!

Rachel Beider,Owner
Massage Williamsburg


Oh, I have a million suggestions! But to confine them to one geographical spot, I'd say spend time on Elizabeth Street in Manhattan. Eat at Cafe Colonial, Lovely Day, and Peasant, and shop in some of the most beautiful boutiques ever.


Ah, we should get cocktails at Double Crown some night!! Looking forward to seeing you.

krys kirkpatrick

Well if you are looking for a baby gift line. We will beat the NY gift show, Bunnies By The Bay. You can see us at

laura trevey

Just found your lovely blog! Have fun in NYC!!

Jessica at Lavender & Lilies

Loving your blog! Have fun in NY!


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