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September 29, 2009


Alyssa Goodnight

Looks like a lovely spot for lunch! I love the colors!


Oh, my! Really like the color palette! I enjoy your posts so, takes me back to when I was actively engaged in the floral design/interior design world. It's always there, isn't it?


the natural light in that space is amazing! don't recognize the drum pendants but they are quite elegant.

Uncle Beefy

I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE the color palette! Omg... dying! Love it, Pam. :)

Paris Hotel

Haha more like the "Really High Class Tavern"! What a great place. I'm actually planning a trip to LA using Last Minute Travel, and so I'll be sure to check the place out.

Nursing cover

How I wish I could too! I've never gone to any vacation for a long time now.

cna certification test

now i'm loving your post! i'm laughing a lot on these! lol!

computers cannot really phatom human!

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