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September 24, 2009



That's just beautiful. I wish I could get married again to choose that colour combination!




beautiful choice of colors and flowers. can i come and work for you?

Sam the colors.


One of my favorite color combos right now - beautiful Pam!


Ink&Peat keeps getting better and better. It's killing me that I live so far away and can't freelance for you :).

I have a long-standing love affair with dusty miller. Keep up the good work!

danger garden

Unlike Brooke above I have always hated Dusty Miller. make it appealing. Wish you had been around (or I knew about you) back when I got married!

I need to stop in the shop and get one of those fabulous velvet pumpkins!!!


I love the blending of colors and textures in these bouquets, beautiful!


those have to be the most beautiful bouquets i have ever seen!


oh my goodness how pretty is that. i love the soft grey leaves.


LOVE these, pam!


They were stunning and looked perfect with our dresses and shoes!
Thank you


Pam :

You did such an amazing job on the flowers!!!
They were so perfect!!!! They couldn't have been better, thank you so very much for adding such a beautiful touch to the wedding look!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk

Love, love, love the yellow and grey combo. Beautiful arrangements!


stunning! really creative arrangement! i LOVE the colors. very impressed. kinda wish I didn't get married already so I could have you design something for me... maybe I'll get the husband to pony up for the anniversary then!


absolutely gorgeous. wow.

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It's lovely. The arrangement of the flowers is perfect. Good work!

Paris Hotel

Awwwwww, how CUTE!!! I wish I had some of those at my wedding :( No problem though, there's always my daughter ;) haha. I'm actually about ready to leave for a wedding in a couple days, we got really cheap tickets through Last Minute Travel, or else we wouldn't have gone. I hope they have cute flowers like these!

Geeky Geekerson

These bouquets are really eye candy. I love it how the colors complement each other so well. How much do they last?


Lovely and unique. Can they be dried to keep?

Bucket Truck

Absolutely beautiful!!!

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