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May 12, 2009



Normally I'm not a chandelier girl, but I love these. Very unique!


they denied to take a picture and you kind person, make free publicity for their shop... Lucky them !!
Anyway, I don't leave very often a message on your blog, but today... it's an exception ! I like you blog and come alsmost everyday to pay you a visit !
Hello from Geneva/Switzeraldn ;)

Our Little Love Nest

My sister has one like those. I adore it!

katie runnels

wow! never been to an fp store! these are incredible...loving the new anthro one in the latest catalog too-did you see it? xox


I don't know anything about chandeliers, but I also think that mirror is sorta nifty. =)


I know!! I love these too!! The clothes I could take or leave, but I was still excited to see one open up here in Portland! I just love the whole feel of the styling in this store...I too would love to know more about the lighting...

Kim @ Inspired Goodness

totally feel the same as kiki about their clothes. Would think since they're a sister co. of Anthropologie the fits would be similar but I never have luck in there.

Their decor is always spot on though. Hope you find out who designed these.


Oooh they are gorgeous! I love them! -e

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Beautiful, this is a very nice decoration to my house. Thanks. Love it.


Philippines Real Estate

Great design. I love the concept, I'm looking forward of having at least one.

stacy di

I'm not a chandelier girl either...but THOSE are amazing. Wish I knew where they were from...handmade for the shop?


i fell for them too. i blogged about them back in december...oops...i took a photo with my phone (didn't ask).

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