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April 26, 2009


amy williams

What a brilliant and totally executable idea!! Thank you for sharing, I shall spread the word.


indeed, simply brilliant. i'll be sure to link to this today. thanks for sharing.

your street of eames review is stunning. this last home is breathtaking. off to see more...


i, too, love this. blogging about it and linking to you. thanks for the heads up.

Blushing Hostess

okay, I will do more of it but I really wish, as a merchandiser myself, that many small merchants would not add so much mark-on to mamke up for a lack of volume. Driving key sales and minimizing loss leaders would help the customer at the register a great deal... it is really tough to swall paying 25 to 50% more for a product just because I like the guy, and I have had to understand that about my own customers... we all have a hand in this thing...


That is a great idea. I will pass it on.


Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. What a great/smart/about-darn-time idea. =)

Cinda Baxter, The 3/50 Project

On behalf of small business owners everywhere, thank you so much for the wonderful post (and to the great commenters, for your wisdom and support). It's kind souls like you who carry The 3/50 Project forward, giving it a voice and vibrancy. This little small business lovefest thing feels pretty good, hmm?

Here's to all the little guys accomplishing great big things,

Cinda Baxter
The 3/50 Project

P.S. The creative right side of my brain thanks you for the comments about well done design...blushing, I am.....


yes, what an important cause and a great design to reflect the mission!

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