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March 29, 2009



GASP! such lush color combos- wow!

fàtima -flowersbybornay-

woooooooow!!! I didn't know her, I'm going to take a look immediately her blog and website, I love her style!


Pam, it was great to see you yesterday!
My little treasures are happy here in my home.
This post is so inspiring and lovely, thanks for bringing some color to my Monday!


We love Kate!
Here are more pics from that "decorating with berries" story she styled for us:


Thanks everyone! You are all so sweet. I hope you will visit us often for lots of flowery daydreams. -kate


Too bad I am already married. I would for sure use your services. Your work is lovely.

Flower shops Philippines

Those flower looks lovely. very attractive. i like the way you put and combine all of them together. keep posting!


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