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February 22, 2009


knack studios

you have such a lovely store and blog..... I have been reading and keeping up with you for a while!

thoughtful day

Great write up, congratulations!


this looks amazing! how very exciting.

kate harrison

Your blog is also mentioned in the March edition of Sunset magazine. Housemartin is on their blog roll as a go to source of living in the West.


Pam! What a cute picture of you. I love the necklace.

Dodie Sy

Congrats Pam!!! How fabulous you look in it and the shop looks flawless.


I always love seeing shots of the store, since I can't visit in person. What great images of you and the space!

Send Flowers to Philippines

Congrats to you!Hope your shop exist in people,more customer to come and more money to earn.


Denise Fasanello

Great news! I so want to hop a plane and visit your shop. I love it

dwellings and decor

Congratulations! Great article!


Congratulations!!! Your shop and you are sooooooo deserving of good press!!!

Barn House

Geez...between doing photo shoots for Elle Decor and a million other magazines, when do you have time to actually work?? Seems like a lot of lolly-gagging to us. :o) Congratulations on your latest magazine spread! Both you and the shop look absolutely beautiful. We will definitely be back to visit you on our next trip to Portland.

J & J


I just can't see enough pictures of your shop! Keep them coming!

Mr. Carriage Clocks

Wow that is amazing and cannot image the work and time that is invested. I wish you the best of luck for the future.

Send Flowers to Philippines

Such a nice flower shop you have,those flowers very attractive. i like the way you arrange your bouquets of flowers. keep it up!


send flowers to philippines

Hey! just came across again. i really love your shop just wondering where is the location of your shop? hope to visit that one of this day. keep up the good work!


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