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February 25, 2009



Beautiful bouquet! Very interesting and textural...


This is so beautiful. Your talents amaze me :)
Thanks for sharing!


Pam, I love that!!! I'm loving succulents in bouquets right now.


Pam, Stunning! What is the white fluffy stuff?
Congrats on all the press you have been getting.

Anna Mara

You are so sweet, your work is always just stunning. I love this bouquet. Congrats on your feature in Portland Monthly!! How awesome!! Your shop is such a dream!


This boquet is so incredible! I love echeverias and they look amazing here! Can they be planted again after you use them? Could you show us how you did it? :) Or is it a trade secret? Congratulations on the article!


Wow, my 3 fav floral designers in one article :). I absolutely love your bouquet!


this is unreal! - such inspiration for me on a day when much is needed!

Dodie Sy

oh my gosh Pam, I'm weak in the knees! What is that white feathery thing?


That is absolutely beautiful!


Amazing amazing amazing. 2 of my favorite things, succulents and scabiosa! and love the addition of pink roses. so pretty.

Christina Salwitz

That arrangement is really art. Exquisite.

Pam Horst

It's just perfect in every way!

laurie cinotto

yummy colors, pam!

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