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November 28, 2008



You know, your shop is just beautiful. I hope this holiday season is super mega successful for you.


Ummmmm...can I come live at your store?

Everything looks absolutely lovely!


It all looks so beautiful, Pam. I've been so busy myself, I haven't gotten in to see in person. I hope your Thanksgiving was restful!

p.s. I adore those re-capped mushrooms!


these are so beautiful and absolutely inspiring!

Dodie Sy

Oh pam! I'm in love with the following items which I'm writing Santa for...

1. The stuffed Red Mushrooms.
2. Lab bottle
3. Lime green wool scarf
4. Those gorgeous Urns
5. and pretty much everything on that center table.

You should include some notes along with the photos!

N + S

Your store is amazing!

Lisa Golightly

beautiful. especially loving all the mushrooms and the vintage letters and deer. my grandmother used to have a whole set of those in her backyard. if only i'd thought ahead to keep them!

robyn pope

so pretty pam!


Your shop is looking absolutely lovely!! This month, as a treat to myself, I'm going to make a point of getting down there and seeing it all in person.


Your shop is absolutely beautiful and so inspiring. I just wish I didn't live thousands of miles away!

Willi (DigginFood)

I am totally in love with the felt toadstools!! My sister-in-law lives in Portland and I might have to send her a not-so-subtle-hint that I'd like to find a mushroom under the tree on Christmas Day.


I heart your blog so much. I live in Portland. I have blogged about your shop ( I have NO EXCUSE for not coming in yet. You are on my to do list. I hope that you have a hugely successful holiday season at the shop!! I will be there one of these days. Soon.


Wowza! I especially love the bench, the swirly cushion on top of the bench and the votives!!! So filled to the brim with wonderful things!


oh my goodness!!! I NEED TO COME SHOPPING!!! it all looks fabulous. the displays are gorgeous and so wintry and warm :) lovely!

The City Sage

This makes me long for a trip up north to visit the shop. Those mushrooms are so festive and have such great personality!



Everything is stunning! Best wishes for a fabulous {and prosperous} holiday season!

Uncle Beefy

Well,'s as loverly looking as I would have imagined! Hopefully, will get to see it in person before the holidays are past us. Hopefully! :)


Hi Pam, I have been following your blog for a little while now but I figured that it's about time I left a comment. Oh how I wish I could visit your beautiful shop. I love the woodland-esque feel and it looks like you probably had a lot of fun decorating it. I know I enjoyed your photos :) Cheers.

Julia Atkinson

Your shop is divine!!!!!

Jennifer Lorton

This store looks so cute, I wish I lived closer!


What lovely things -- I'm looking forward to stopping by next time I'm in Portland!


What lovely things -- I'm looking forward to stopping by next time I'm in Portland!


Gorgeous shop. Love the table displays.

Heather Primak

Pam, your shop is a huge inspiration to me. Not only the way it is presented, and all the unique products, but for all the hard work that you put into making your dreams and goals a reality. It's obvious you have taken the time to select quality products to fill your beautiful store. May you find much success.

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Beautiful Collection. I love your creations. Images are too good. good job done by you.


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