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July 03, 2008



Okay, hold on a minute there. You never said anything about selling candy in the shop too! Why oh why couldn't you be a little closer to Chicago??



I am REALLY looking forward to your shop's opening!! I shall keep my fingers crossed and eyes peeled for your grand I am visiting Portland next week and would LOVE to visit your wonderful shop. :)

Madelyn  @ SWS

Yum! These look so delicious! They would make an excellent wedding favor or treat for guests!

robin bird

i am a portlander and came bu to visit you by way of little byrd. what beautiful arrangements you have created! i would love to come and visit your shop when you are ready to open! good luck getting things ready for visitors and customers!


Um, yum! So fun to see you last week Pam! The shop is going to be absolutely incredible. I kind of want to live in it. :)


Ooh yum... I looove salted caramels. Can't wait to see pics of the shop when it opens!

Uncle Beefy

Ooooh...I've heard great things about these!!! And you ARE close enough for me to get my lil' hands on these! The question is...are the really good? Afterall, can we really trust your taste? Um, YES...we can!

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