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July 07, 2008



Oh, I know! I have been drooling over it for months...wicked expensive, but if I won the lottery...YES!

Sending good thoughts to you in the thick of all the store-getting-ready-to-open madness!

Amy C

oooooh I want one toooooo


Oooh - I love it!

H. John (The Decorating Pro) Johnsen

A great area rug design. I wonder how many rings are there?

Dodie Sy

OMG! I want 8 of those for my studio. How ultra chic!

I can't wait till you post pictures of your fabulous shop!

Fabulously Lizy

Love it. Rustic and chic!


Love this wacky rug- it could go camp or chic- got to love the versatility. I'll link it on my blog tomorrow July 11th!


I'm not the lizzy person above I'm which will feature the rug on the 11th.
I think the comments are going haywire!
Love the Housemartin site!

Vicki in Michigan

WOW. I love it, too!

At first I thought it was a slice of tree!


wow. now that is original.

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