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July 22, 2008



Congratulations! It looks wonderful! I wish I could shop there!


Congratulations! I'm sure it will be a smashing success! That lamp is amazing, where did you get it?


oh my god!! congratulations I am so happy to hear that and I wish you the best of luck in the future.


Yes, I think you should open one in San Francisco as well...haha:) I wish I lived there, I would go in and buy something on your first day to support you. Good Luck!


Oh! Congratulations, and please show us more!!!


Good job! The photos are nice but I peeked in, too, and it looks even better in person. Everyone should shop there pretty much on a daily basis. It's no excuse that you live in Boston, kids... you'll just have to commute!

I'm not kidding. Really. Planes run daily.


Way to go Pam!
And you are on the bike route home! Easy shopping for me!
Good luck!


Congratulations, Pam! All these years and all your determination, commitment and passion have blossomed into a stunning and magnificent venue of inspiration for you and all who step across your threshold.

Now some of us need to take another visit north in order to step across this threshold...

Paul Overton

How cool are you girl? I wish I could go there right now! It looks awesome!



Oh WOW! It looks amazing! Congratulations!!!


Hi Pam, I met you last week while you were putting the moss limbs in your car....:)
Your store looks great and since I saw you twice in one week, on different days, at the growers market, I know you have been working very hard!! One day soon I will come by your new place and visit!!
Stop by my blog and see the lovelies I purchased the day we spoke.
Good Luck!!!


Many, Many big congrats on you big day that finally came! The store looks amazing and I can not wait to see more images.


Wow! Such a beautiful shop--best wishes with everything!

Lisa Golightly

oh, I can't wait to come in and take a peek. It looks just gorgeous, especially that light!

pinky chong

Big congrats to you coming from California! You're an inspiration and you make life more beautiful. Good luck on the store. It's a sure success!


congratulations! it looks like one of those stores that has so much eye candy that you can spend hours soaking in all the great stuff, warmth and lovely scents!


Hooray! The photos look just beautiful. I wish I could come shop! Congratulations. I know the store will become a happy destination for many!


Congratulations!!! I wish you all the luck! The shop looks great! It's always been my dream to have's nice to see that someone's just done it!!!


Sending you best wishes from our flower studio in Westport, CT. Your store looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


Sending you best wishes from our flower studio in Westport, CT. Your store looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


Wishing you great success from Tuvalu!

It looks gorgeous - I'd love to visit someday.


Congratulations! I would come and shop if I weren't on the other coast.


YOU GO GIRL! Can't wait to come in and shop.

At Home with Kim Vallee

Congratulations Pam! I am so thrilled for you. The store looks great; we recognized your style. I wish you lots of success in this venture. You are very talented, have a good eye and are passionate about what you do. These are wonderful assets in your favor.

Lynne Rutter

congratulations! work worth doing!

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