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July 30, 2008



Pam! Marshall! I love this piece!


Hi Pam-
I came to your site via my sister in law (Kate G.) who spoke with you some time ago to get some industry tips and I have to say- this show sounds great! My husband and I are relocating to Portland from Seattle(starting the process tonight, eek!) and both your shop and the show are on my list of to-dos.
I'm looking forward to it.
Take care,


$31!? Wow, I bet there will be a line at the door! We'll be going anyways for sure, I'm surprised they didn't have an opening yesterday on the 31st! By the way, I was on Alberta last night and saw your flowers in Office, they looked beautiful!


I love his work! I look forward to seeing it in person tonight! *a


Oohh! That is so neat. I like it a lot!


oh wow! i love it!
and 31 bucks? insanely cheap!

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