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March 04, 2008



Thanks for the mention ;-) Glad you enjoyed the tip! Those pictures are gorgeous!! And they are so friendly over there; the day I posted about it, I received an email were they offered to give me a tour and meet them all! That is just sooo sweet!


Yummy! I want a plane ticket too!


ooh! i want to take a trip there too!


I just love British style! Thanks for posting this.

laura lacey

When we were in London last summer visiting family, we had lunch at Petersham Nursery - my brother-in-law was working there at the time, and it was so lovely! You could spend the whole day wandering around......thanks for reminding me of a perfect afternoon.


Oh how lovely! What a magical nursery!

all things bright and beautiful

This nursery is gorgeous!! what a lovely place and plant haven:-)


What a beautiful place! It looks like something out of a fairy tale. That tree stump table is incredible, though it makes me sad that the tree was chopped down.

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