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January 17, 2008



Very unusual! I love the terranium. I have a thing for everything moss, and this floral art looks so stunning!


i love your blog - such an inspiration! you find such great things to post and your flower arrangements are beautiful. the terrariums are such a unique idea for centerpieces! thank you for sharing.

thanks also for your blog - because of your blog, i started a blog for my mom's flower shop.


i love succulents and i love terrariums! great post...


i love succulents and i love terrariums! great post...


love this idea for centerpieces!

I am a fellow LWL member, and you inspired me at the event back in Oct. to start my own blog, nesting instincts ( you've been on my "favorites" list from day one!

Monica Yvette

Gorgeous succulents! I'm so sad now though because my favorite pet succulents in the rock garden died over the last freeze:(

Nancy Swiezy

Wonderful composed arrangements!
I love Hens and chicks


As a floral designer- do you have any recommendations for plants for terrarium centerpieces? I can't find a good book on terrariums and want to make about 9 terrariums, one for each table. When I saw this post I got so excited- maybe there's a good website out there to explain this stuff ;)
Yay for this blog, I always get such inspiration from you.


oooh the michelle rago arrangement! beautiful!

richard  kux

What a nice surprise today to see that lovely picture of you. Your grandmother was delighted. She had me make a few copies so she could give them to friends.
I see your blog every day and must say you are very clever as well as interesting.
We don't know what "tag" means, so enlighten us.

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