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October 07, 2007



The dessert table is right out of my dream wedding.


I'm in love!


what a magical wedding!


It's like woodland fairy wedding! I love how they covered the table with moss. When I read MS Weddings, I used to scour the internet for some of the cake platters and such I'd see in the magazine but could never find them. I love the servers they used here to hold the mushrooms. I love the antique look of her bouquet and yes, her ribbon is simply gorgeous.

melissa @ the inspired room

Sooooo beautiful!


Love, love, really love that bouquet in orange, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Ah, the ladies and I were just oogling over this feature. This bouquet could not be more perfect. How adorable was that whole wedding? Liza and I went by your new store space (well, the strip...don't know which is yours) and we just adore them. I cannot wait for you to open up! How are things coming along?

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Love, love, really love that bouquet in orange, really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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