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October 30, 2007



what a cute idea! happy halloween! xo

At Home with kim vallee

Great idea! This is surely a fun activity to do with your family. On top of that, you get a unique look.

The silhouette look is still going strong this year. They are popular as dinnerware designs and for decorative art prints.


You guys did a fantastic job! I saw similar project on MS website and wanted to do the same. Alas, we got kinda lazy and never materialized. Maybe next year. That tree is awesome.


Your front window is FABOOOOO! Can't wait til next year and see what you do at ink & peat. happy halloween!


So creative, love it !


this reminds me so much of the work by kara walker just more comical and quirky. Less controversial.. you should see the political and social statements she makes with cut outs and paper.


Oh my gosh. I wish I would have seen this sooner. This is amazing!!


Oh how cute! I love the tree, and the cat, sooo cute.

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