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September 09, 2007





I've never seen hops before - I'm in love! Your display is gorgeous and the candles in the birdcage make such a nice centerpiece :)


the vignette in your dining room looks really great! beautiful inspiration! I also love the candles in the cage!



At home with Kim Vallee

Wow! I will look in my neighborhoods if I can find a few hops.

At night, the vignette must take on a mysterious mood with the candle glow and the reflections. Because I like things in three, I suggest adding a taller size candle; the cage is big enough for three.


Amazing. Our wedding in August had a green and ivory theme and I truly wish I had seen these images beforehand. Gorgeous work!


I am LOVING that birdcage. Where did you get it or where can we find something similar? Thanks!


I LOVE your hutch. That's exactly the sort of thing I want for my house...when we buy one. Except that sort of thing isn't common on Long Island. But I'm going to look! The hops and the birdcage are pretty nice too.


Oh, it's so beautiful! I didn't realize that the hops flowers were so small. I made a flower arrangement at my friend's farm that was inspired by you and your creative greenery choices the other day (I used green pokeberries in it).


Pretty! We actually have a bird cage that we bought that I think was meant to be a candle holder (that is what we used it as). I love it, but the candle melted and hardened so that now we can't open the cage up to put a new candle in.


Wow, gorgeous! (Love that hutch, too.)


i made a post in my inspiration blog about this, I hope this is ok for you. of course i added your link as the source of the picture!!!

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