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August 30, 2007



Very interesting list I must say and love the pics of 'Pastis'!


I love this NYC's areas . But I 've never been to the " Pastis" café and I am from the south of France . So next time I have to stop by , to see if the pastis is better than under the sun of Marseilles


thanks for this! can't wait to check these out on my next trip to nyc...

Margaret Brampton

Going back to the Elderflower cordial- we make it here in the U.K. In early summer when the elder flower is about you pick about 25 elder flowers and infuse them over night with 1 lemon, 4 oranges ( all cut up)3lbs of sugar, 2ozs of tartaric acid and 3 pints of boiled cooled water. Next day just strain and bottle.
Very nice- also can be set to make beatiful jelly using leaf gelatine.


What beautiful photos.


you're an awesome tour guide! can't wait to get to nyc:)


I live in New York and haven't been to some of these places. You just gave me some ideas for a few outings! Thanks!

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Hey all. i can relate to what you are saying Heather. my parents supposed to come and visit me next week. i reckon we have some new places to see.

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