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August 12, 2007



I think on the picture 5 , the flowerspot is from POterie Ravel . My shop is just near it .
I love it so much !!!
This post is so nice , it feels like it is summer.


Ah, to be in France eating figs. This post makes me miss Provence! I was a nanny there one summer, and discovered the pleasure of fresh figs.


mmm, we'll have loads of figs in several weeks off the bushes on my property that my grandmother planted... one of my favorite times of Summer.


What great photos, I sometimes make fig tarts. Delicious.
Hope you're enjoying NYC.

At Home with kim vallee

The linen tablecloth pleases me a lot.


I love this post, Pam. And, look at you over on Design Sponge:)


Oh yum! Merci for this lovely post. I sat and ate about a dozen heavenly figs the other day, and have waxed poetic about them before, literally.
And...I'm so into applique lately. Thanks for sharing this. I'm running out to get my Marie Claire Idees!


Your blog is so beautiful and welcoming (I arrived via Design Sponge). And how was your trip to our fair city? Can't wait to see and read about all your great finds!


I, too, came via d*s, and am so happy to have discovered you. What is that chandelier thing hanging in the first Marie Claire Idees pic? Are those clay beads? Does the mag show how to make them? The whole layout is beautiful but I am so taken with that piece...any info would be so welcome!

Thanks, and I'll be reading!


ah, i can't wait for my idees to arrive. i finally broke down and got a subscription, but the waiting is agony:)


A delicious summer salad is bibb lettuce, sliced figs,pistachios,and stilton cheese with pear vinegar sprinkled over the top.YUM!


Beautiful images...Eye Candy!!


The tablecloth is gorgeous :)

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