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July 23, 2007


Giorgina Neilson

Hi, just noticed you were blog of the month in the Typepad newsletter and thought I'd pop in to say hello. Your shop sounds beautiful. I am an avid scrapbooker and I design stationery for weddings, I am going to add you to my blogs to read as I love beautiful home decor and florals.

Check me out at

By the way I'm Giorgi from Australia


Omigod, I am so excited! We desperately need storage in this house-to the point where most of our belongings are still in boxes, and every time I find some kind of shelving unit that would work I have to stop myself and say 'Wait For Ikea!' I'm afraid we're going to have to rent a truck just to get everything home!!


This has nothing to do with IKEA, but I love your blog and your gorgeous arrangements, so...

Tag, you're it!

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Let's make an IKEA date. I promise to be sane. :)


My mom went today!

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