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July 26, 2007



OK- That is a delightful collage!! I guess I have to give into the tagging now:)


Pam, After reading your great post, I'll do my best to keep this going. Cheers & Love the mushrooms.

Rachel S.

Love your frames!
Love white twinkly lights myself...a local mall has them around the trees/branches in the parking lot all year round.


Oh, I love cherry picking, too! If I could do it every day in June, I probably would. It's so satisfying, somehow...


Yes, I'm on it! Will do this soon.

I love Hood River, too!
And cats.
And hand-drawn maps.

And yes, the white lights too. All year round! I am so guilty.


I feel...tagged. You know, someone tagged me when I first started blogging, and I didn't know what to do, so I never did it. I'm on it this time...

I love this collage/montage. Especially those chairs. And it's good to finally "see" you!


Great to know through LotusHaus.

Nice Blog you have here!


Oh man, those two pictures of your floral arrangement and the chairs go so well together! Amazing and beautiful!

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