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July 16, 2007


Fresh Floral Art

We are currently converting our detatched garage into a sort of workshop-outdoor living space. Thanks for the inspiration.


a playhouse for it!

shanna murray

what a fabulous spot!

Lisa B.

Just found your blog...Love it! I love Trica Foley too!


I just started a subscription to this magazine and i love it. Love your blog too!

Janet (Norberg) Eppley

Tricia, I was looking in a magazine and I noticed your name. Are you Patricia Foley that was my best friend in Seminole Florida? This is so weird. The pictures look like you. You have 2 sisters and a brother pookie your used to call him.
My sister Maralyn was also best friends with your sister.
I hope this gets to you. I love your designs. I am going to look for your White Christmas book at the bookstore.

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