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May 29, 2007



It's gorgeous! Peonies are one of my favorites but never seen yellow ones. Love the pink center.


So beautiful; what a fresh combination! And inspiring, too. And for some reason, makes me hungry. (French vanilla and dark chocolate?)


Wow, that is really stunning! I bet it smells amazing!!


Hi Pam,

I love the combination of the peonies, pods, fiddleheads and mint. Those are some of my favorite peonies. I know that grower too, he has the best peonies:)!!


I want a room in my house to look like that arrangement! Simply lovely and the color combo feels very fresh.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Lovely. Thanks for your description. I can almomst smell the lemon/ginger scent.


this just makes my heart go pitter patter. lovely!


Wow!!! Your designs are so inspiring!!! Gorgeous!!!

At Home with kim vallee

Like Ashley said, Wow is the word that summaries my feelings. Each year, I fall in love with one word that I used over and over to express what I like most. Wow is the word I used currently.

I took pleasures in reading how you select the flowers for this bouquet.

At Home with kim vallee

Just to let you know that I used your bouquet in an inspiration board I made about an urban chic baby shower party. I published the story yesterday.

Rising sun

This is to die for. Wish we could get fiddleheads in Australia.

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