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May 30, 2007



Thanks for this link, very cool! Also, this post kind of shocked me, because I've had that exact photo as my desktop for a couple weeks.

Cathy Skraba

Thank you for posting this great reference tool, I will use this to match my wraps with seasonal flower colors.

FYI: I knew this was great but didn't know how to apply this info, so I emailed Steve from DeGraeve and he explained how to use the color formula in Quark, Illustrator and photoshop:

"In the color selector/palette use the RGB, hex (web) mode. Then use the first 2 characters for red, the middle 2 characters for green and the last to characters for blue. I am working on a new project that will have all the different versions of the colors listed." Thanks Steve.

Also here's a TIP for getting the jpegs you want to match from a website. On a Mac: Select Page source from the view menu. Find the file with the jpeg, copy and paste into the window in the color generator.

Thanks again,
Cathy Skraba

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