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April 17, 2007



Beautiful! All of them!

You did a wonderful job with your arrangements. I'm going to come back to this post often...


Really, all of them are beautiful, My favorites are the moss-filled cube arrangements, and the birch bark tubes with 6(!) different little simple arrangements. Oh, and the green & white with the pods! All beautiful, though.


Sadly, I don't think I have ever seen ranunculus as beautiful as in the images above. Thanks for the spectacular photos! Your blog and various others based in Portland make me want to visit there even more!


What a great opportunity for you! The birch tube arrangements are my favorite. Wish I could have seen the tour. Great work!


Wow. As I scrolled down, I kept thinking, Oh, this one , this one is my favorite. Then I would scroll down more and continue to be lovestruck by all of them. They are beautifully done and I love the thoughtful personality of each one and how it relates to the house. I have been having chocolate cosmos dreams- just waiting to find some to plant in my pots.


good heavens! it's all so lovely!!!


Oh man, I think the one you did for the Grube house is my favorite! Those greys and blacks with the pink and green really do look "dappled." Amazing.


I don't know what to say. I'm blown away by your work. Totally awestruck. I particularly love the arrangements in the birch containers, the moss one is a pure delight.


Oh, WoW!!!!!!
Thanks so much for posting all the pictures.....sooooooo inspiring!
Your designs are lovely!


Oh my goodness! I just got married Saturday and was beyond thrilled with my arrangements but I wish I had seen these before. They are fantastic!! I love the bark idea on some of those centerpieces. Gorgeous, fantastic job! (I also used lotus pods in mine too). Awesome!


GOODNESS! the size and lushness of those ranunculus - it's obscene!

i love your style. it's just so pretty, simple, yet romantic and lush.


Oh my gosh, so beautiful!!
All of them.


More beautifully flowery eye-candy like this is just exactly what we need. There's a complete shortage of floral blogs, and I think you're the perfect canidate to fill the niche. Keep up the great work, and keep them coming!


All the floral arrangements are stunning. I'm so bummed to have missed out on the tour! But so happy to hear it was a success!


I love what you did with the Echeveria! I love succulents, and I'd incorporate them into our wedding centerpieces if I wasn't sure that DFH would divorce me before we're married. :)


I'm wondering where I can buy birch tubes and round circle cuts of wood for the centerpieces at my wedding. Do you have any suggestions?

At Home with kim vallee

They were all stunning. My best three are: the arrangement in the birch bark tubes for the Kovel house, the 4 arrangements done for the Boles home and finally your gift to Sherri because orange is my favorite color. You are very talented!


LOVE the Birch Tube one. Where can I purchase the birch tubes? My Wedding is in WI.


I am selling the birch tubes on e-bay right now. I used them for my wedding. Perfect!
just search birch tubes.

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