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I have always been a creative type. I remember my dad driving me to art classes every Saturday morning starting in the 4th grade - Gordon Lightfoot playing in the background.

I spent 15 years as a textile designer in the fashion industry in San Francisco. Four years ago, I decided to switch gears and persue my love of home decor and floral design. In late 2007, I started writing "housemartin" the blog - after a sweet little bird that flits around the nest making things just so. Even the smallest things inspire me daily.

I opened an eclectic home decor and floral store with an organic modern aesthetic in Portland, OR in Summer 2008. It combines vintage and modern home decor and lifestyle products with floral designs. The store is called "ink & peat". The name represents the coming together of hand-made goods such as "ink" printed cards, table linens, and pillows and nature-made items such as plants, flowers, and (peat) moss.

Come see us!
3808 N. Williams Ave - ste 126
Portland, OR 97227