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September 21, 2009


The Curious Cat

oh my! I think I may have fallen in love...

Condo Makati

What a very cute velvet pumpkins. I love it!!!


Awesome! I love 'em. Having such great colors makes the season even more fun.

mrs. french

I can't believe I haven't been in lately! I am a coming and bringing my camera too! xo t




Wow! How much are they & do you have any left?


Cute pumpkins! I liked your photos of NYC...we will look for the Highline Park on our next trip. Enjoy your day...


oh do you have online store i need one!!! or two

fiona Richards

Oh I simply adore these pumpkins - this is my kind of halloween - none of that scary stuff ;-)


I saw these the other day at your shop - love them!

Susie V.

Pam -
Thanks for taking my phone order ~ can hardly wait for fall to arrive at my house in Dallas!


thanks for posting my photo pam!


These are wonderful! Could you email me how much the littlest ones are? Unfortunately I live nowhere near this shop. =(

bigBANG studio

I've never seen anything like these! They're sartorial wonderment for pumpkins- I LOVE them!

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