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July 09, 2009




Truly Smitten

aww, these are so adorable! I'm feeling ready for fall now!


these are so cool!


Swoon! love these so much. Can you let me know the cost. I may need some just for my house. Thanks for sharing.

Kate @Kids and Cocktails

I love these! How long does the stem last?


oh I LURVE fall decor and these pumpkins are a unique twist to the almost outdone pumpkin decoration. thanks for the inspiration!

The Blushing Hostess

Why am I still sitting here?

Lindsey @ a GreatFull day

Oooooh, I'm not planning a wedding but I do think I may need a few of these! What are the price points?

{ Lindsey }


i love those! how creative!


I am getting married early October and love these! How much are they? Can you send more details...!!!

Kim Cash


I love your little velvet pumpkins and was wondering if you can tell me how much they cost:

Do the stems go bad, or will they last for a long time? I would love bigger versions of these if that's possible. (Maybe the size of a pie pumpkin?) If you can send me your pricing info, that would be wonderful!

Thanks so much!


Pam - housemartin

the best thing to do is call the shop and we can walk you through all the colors, sizes, and prices. stems do not go bad - they are dried. thanks! 503-282-6688

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