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November 02, 2008


kathie Holland

thanks for sharing I will HAVE to buy this issue for sure.
Love her style and her home ...


Wow, that really looks beautiful! I'm furnishing my new home at the moment and have found some perfect pieces of rustic pine furniture.. but with Christmas coming up, there's some added pressure to get this done, and much of my thoughts have turned to Christmas decorations. This has given me some great ideas!

maryam in marrakech

Wow, those first and last pics, esp are just fab!

dwellings and decor

I absolutely love these and will have to send them to my mom. I live on Maui so it never really feels Christmasy here. My mother gets really into it and last year she did a starfish Christmas tree.


i LOVE her home. the poufs around the christmas tree are just too much! how perfect for opening presents :)

miss shortcake

those images are gorgeous! I love the white bottle brush trees!

laura serra

Hi, I LOVE your blog.
I read it every single day in the morning!
I've posted several ideas from yours in mine, I invite you to look at it and leave a comment.
My blog is in Spanish, as I live in Argentina.
But design, good taste and fund don't have language!!!!!!!!!!!!!

congratulations again


laura serra

UPS! I forgot to give you the adress!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beautiful Photos!!

Look Photography I love Amy Butler and her Midwest Modern! Makes living in Ohio even more enjoyable.
Thanks for alerting us to the latest article. Now I am trying to figure out how to make those poufs!

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