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August 14, 2008



I wish I could be in the shop right at this moment. I love the ambience of the shop, the collection of the merchandizem, the laid-back and natural style, the color scheme..... I can probably go on and on about this. I'll definitely pay a visit when I'm up in the area.


Just gorgeous. Love each and every little vignette.


Oh, so beautiful!! I look forward to coming in, but I would rather just move in!


Congrats!!! Looks amazing. I have total label/tag envy....your's are great...are they handstamped? I'd love to know more about that!


Oh my, your shop is lovely! I love the palette you've chosen, with the worn finishes, the moss green on the wall. Is that a blackboard backdrop to your flowers? What a great idea.

erin :: the olive notes

Absolutely breathtaking! Love everything about it. You really put a lot into this shop...because one can tell it was carefully detailed.


WOW! I must say, i'm speechless :) The pictures of the shop are absolutely dreamy... I just love it! I've really enjoyed following your blog. Your florals are such a wonderful source of inspiration. I hope if I am ever in the area I'll be able to pop in and see the shop in person... until then I'll window shop at my desk!
Thanks for the lovely post.


Oh my -- it all looks so wonderful and those photos are exquisite!! I will feature "ink and peat" in an upcoming post as a small thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog, which is now 1 year old.



Your store looks absolutely enchanting. Can't wait to visit next time we're up in Portland!


pam - it looks SOOOO amazing! i am honored to have my products in that gorgeous space! congrats!!!

lucky designs

Congrats - Just lovely!!


Oh Pam, you have out done incredibly gorgeous. I wish I could come in in person! ...someday...All the best, ~Mike


the new store looks so amazingly beautiful; i wish i were in the area to drop by! definitely will be on my list of places to see when i'm in that neighborhood. ^_^


stunning! It's beyond words how gorgeous this space is. Congrats!


Looks fantastic, Pam! Question: how do you keep yourself from taking all your merchandise home?


eeeeeeee! looks amazing! congratulations pam!!


I LOVE YOUR SHOP!!! Congratulations!!! May I ask how big is the space? It will surely be one of my stops if and when I come to visit Portland! I wish you all the best!!!


adorable hable pillows AND flowers by the stem? this looks like heaven on earth. who knew it was in portland? :)

Abbie in CO

I wish I lived in the NW, so I could come to your amazing store. LOVE it!! I can just imagine how my bank account would take a hit. I will definitely post about the new store!




So beautiful Pam! You've got fabulous style!Congratulations!


Congratulations on making your dream a reality - what an achievement.
I SO wish I could come and visit your beautiful store.

The City Sage

The shop looks fabulous- I can't wait to visit! Everything from the serene colors you've chosen and the selection of droolworthy merchandise is perfect.

And I second Jennifer's sentiments about wanting just to move it. Don't be surprised if you open the door one morning and find me asleep on one of those beautiful benches: as Goldilocks said, everything looks "just right"!

Lani ~ The Wooden Porch

How pretty! It looks wonderful!


I wish you were in my village!

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