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February 06, 2008



though i am personally not a big fan of dusty miller, it works really well here with the pinks. (when i was a little girl i thought pink and gray together was SO fashion forward.) and i am always a sucker for the "berry" component, for the shape and texture it adds, so the brunia has me swooning. so yummy! must. get. married!


Hi Pam, congrats on being published and the bouquet is beautiful!!!!!!!


i am currently obsessed with silver brunia because i cannot find it. your bouquet is lovely. congratulations.


congrats on th great interview and the bouquet is really beautiful!


Congrats! The bouquet is beautiful.


Pam - this bouquet is just stunning! And congratulations on your interview!


Pam, this is beautiful! Your flowers make me want to get married over and over again (to the same man, of course.)


What a beautiful arrangement. So subdued and romantic.


Amazing! Just Amazing!


beautiful beautiful colours :)


i LOVE this one!!! i am getting married in some time - putting off any decision-making for the time being - and think i may have to use this as inspiration for color, theme, dresses, etc. i'm not a pink person but i love the soft, vintage look & metallic touches. gorgeous!


I love it. May I ask what kind of garden roses are in it? The big peachy pink ones.

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