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February 03, 2008



mmmhhh. they look so yummie! and the shop is amazing!!!

Chic and Charming

Macaroons are my favorite dessert! Laduree's are divine.


I once received a box of Laduree macarons for my birthday, sent to me by a friend living in Paris. Even after expedited shipping, they were spectacularly delicious!


good luck at design sponge! wow...this is a beautiful post! i love the designs and color of the store.

Dodie Sy

I am in love with Laduree!!!! I think I just found my inspiration to re-decorate my studio. Thanks Pam!

P.S. Thos Macroons looks delish!


did you know that darcy miller (the editorial director of martha stewart weddings)'s very own wedding cake was inspired by a laduree box? :)


Soooo delicious!! I adore french Macroons!!And the colors are wonderful!!


So, so beautiful. I think I remember hearing that Sofia Coppola's palette for Marie Antoinette was inspired by Laduree macarons. Yummy.


I am so happy you posted on laduree. I have written about macarons a couple of times and when I speak to people, many times they have not heard of macarons. Thanks for spreading the word on my favourite treat!

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What a great Christmas lunch table decoration. How lovely to have everyone's name on a piece ready to serve a little surprise gift :)

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