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January 30, 2008


Pam Horst

love this! how inventive!


Hi Pam,

What a great idea to use the radishes. They have such rich color like a dark pinkish red. I like them in that arrangement. Now I'm wondering what a radish might look like if cut into radish roses ...but they might not stay nice and white if once they are out of water then again they might. anyway very cool design and colors :)

crafty cameleon


How clever and beautiful! Go off now and post it on a wedding board and whip up a storm... :)


these radishes are such an original idea ! I love the white tulips too (tulips are my favorite flowers).


Radishes! They're beautiful...who would have thought?

(I hate the taste of they're useful)


Oh gosh!! Every time you post one of your boquets I'm gobsmacked! I love the way your arrangement always looks so lush and full of life! And the use of unexpected things like radishes is brilliant!


I just adore vegetables and fruits mixed in with flowers, and this is no exception - lovely!




i love love the radishes! brilliant!

miss chris

What lucky radishes! I'm sure they felt special. ;)

Seriously clever. Bravo!


Love it!

Design for Mankind

A gift for you:

Thanks for being a daily inspiration of mine!


Why oh why did I not seek YOU out to do my wedding flowers. I am absolutely in LOVE with EVERYTHING you arrange! This is no exception!!!!! *gaggle gaggle!*

joanna goddard

what a brilliant idea!!


radishes!!! what a lovely (and fresh) idea!! xoxo


What a lovely blog you have! I have enjoyed my visit and your radish bouquet reminds me that Spring will be here soon (I hope!!)

Nunnies  Attic

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love white tulips and with the radishes it is just beautiful

Faux Wood Blinds Gal

Wonderful arrangement. Love those radishes and the combo. of color:-)

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